video Asmaa Mahfouz

Mubarak resigns

Nadine Khan with Mariam Mekwi
“I will speak of the revolution. Consider this moment. Many victories yes, yet there remains much more before completion. A great moment for new, different works not possible before. Yet the power of Tahrir is that it cannot be owned or framed. So why should I frame it? In a personal or group victory, point of view, a soldier’s story, a slogan, a martyr, a tear etc. All beautiful inspiring stories, one day they will be told, but at the right moment. The day we feel that the Square has really won.When the opportunity of change has become a reality. When achievements are not just commodities. I think now I would rather not speak of the revolution.”

April 1st in Cairo

From Ola Khalidi: “people in Egypt are preparing for a huge demonstration all over Egypt calling for “the Friday of saving the revolution” on the 1st of April, after Friday prayer and saying “we will not accept recycling the old system.”

On April 1st, 2011, The Oakland Standard presented a communal meal centered around Egypt’s national dish, Ful (pronounced “fool”), and a social experience inspired by Egypt’s revolution and the populist uprisings throughout the Middle East. This participatory art project, organized by The Citizens Laboratory with the collaboration of the Zambaleta World Music and Dance School, provided an opportunity for Middle East communities to gather with others in a large and intimate museum setting and address the emotional impact and relevance of the spirit of liberation that has ignited imaginations world-wide. Working with Bay Area Middle Eastern organizations as well as curators and artists based in the Middle East, this event provided an open stage for spoken word, music, and brief presentations plus time for guests to speak to their own experience. A video program  included works from the period leading up to and including the present up risings, as well as a live link to Cairo. The food consisted of fresh bread from Oasis grocery, spit-roasted halal lamb and three fuls, “the standard” ful made by us with fresh fava beans, a jordanian ful made by Ola Khalidi and Diala Khasawani from Makan Art Space and a yemeni ful, made by Fatum at Maisa Restaurant in Oakland.

Mina Girgis, who runs the Zambaleta World music and Dance School in San Francisco, told us: “In Egypt, that’s what we call a spontaneous chaotic street party. Zambaleta happens when everyone is actively participating, whether by playing music, singing, or dancing ,” or, maybe, just starting a revolution.

Greetings and Welcome 6pm

Sign-making and Poster-making 6 – 9pm

Moh Alileche performs 6:10 – 6:30pm

Spoken Word 6:30 – 6:45pm

Speakers 6:45 – 7:45pm

Gnawa with Tim Fuson and the Dunes 7:45 – 8:45pm

video program

Doa Aly and Taha Belal called from Cairo

Abdalla Nassar came from L.A. for the event. You can hear his story here

April Ful’s Night is Abdalla Nassar; Aida Eltorie and Finding Projects, Cairo; Dr. Adnan Shenib; Dr. Aftim Saba; Arab Cultural and Community Center, San Francisco; Arab Resource and Organizing Center; Arab Student Union, UC Berkeley; Azin Seraj; the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley; Deana Nassar; Dunya Alwan; Fatum at Maisa Restaurant, Oakland; Ganzeer; Larissa Sansour; Middle East Children’s Alliance; Mina Girgis and Zambaleta World Music and Dance School; Mokhtar Alkhanshali; the Muslim Students Association, UC Berkeley; Norah Arafeh; Oasis Market and Restaurant, Oakland; Omar Kelani; Omar Shakir; Ola Khalidi and Diala Khasawni, Makan Art Space, Jordan; Somaya Abdelgany; Students for Justice in Palestine, UC Berkeley; Taha Belal; Tim Fuson; Wafaa Aborashed; Wesam Nassar; Zienab Abdelgany

Ful (فول)

Recipes courtesy of Hana, Ola’s aunt. Ola Khalidi runs Makan Art Space in Amman, Jordan and is currently at CCA completing a degree in curatorial studies.

Cairo Ful

Fava beans Popularly made at home from the cans  (a brand called California!)

otherwise if from dry fava beans then soak in water and cook (depending on pot and soak-time, for as long as 24 hours! with onion and salt), or use fresh beans (uncertain how to prepare for ful mix).
Cumin powder
hot chili powder
lemon juice
olive oil.
Cook the fava beans (according to its condition: fresh, canned or dry).
Mix in the rest of the ingredients and add a swirl of olive oil at the end.

Alexandria Ful

Fava beans The cooking of the beans is as mentioned above, depending if dry, canned or fresh.
Cumin powder
hot chili powder
lemon juice
tahini sauce (sesame seed sauce)
olive oil
fresh tomato
Cook the fava beans, add and mix cumin, salt, chili, lemon juice, garlic, tahini.
Leave to settle.
Add finely chopped tomato and parsley on top and a swirl of olive oil.
Must be eaten with a lot of fresh pita bread.
Can add to the side: raw onion, extra chili powder, cumin powder, salt and fresh green chili


Fol wi Yasmeen, an approximation
Nada Shalaby came from Chicago to present her project Fol wi Yasmeen, an approximation which involves creating and distributing chains of paper jasmine flowers. The project is inspired by street vendors in Cairo who sell chains of jasmine to passers-by and drivers at traffic stops. The chains are ubiquitous and hang in cars and taxis and homes throughout the city. For Nada, attempting to recreate these objects is meaningful because of her own personal memories of Cairo, as is the act of sharing them and engaging others in the act of remembering/imagining the city of her birth.

Nada Shalaby is an interdisciplinary artist engaged in social art practice. Born in Cairo, she received a graduate degree in Middle East Studies from the American University in Cairo and completed an MFA degree in Art Theory & Practice at Northwestern University. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Egypt. She currently lives and works in Chicago.


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